Spare Thermostat$150 + $5 PP
Spare Fan Bearings$20 + $0 PP
Spare Fan Motor$140 + $10 PP
Spare Thermometer$45 + $5 PP
Latest Instructions$15 + $5 PP
(Download from Web$0)


Wire Mesh Inlays to fit the Standard Tray

48 Duck Egg$50
20 Goose Egg$60
42 Turkey Egg$50

With the standard tray the 81 large or bantam eggs are placed large end up. They are then tilted manually 90 degrees a tray at a time by pushing or pulling the wire mesh on the rack. This is done twice daily to simulate the natural process.

120 Bantam Egg Tray $180 per tray
(If Supplied with Incubator Instead of a Standard Tray, Add an Extra $80 per tray)
182 Quail Egg Tray$200 per tray
(If Supplied Instead of a Standard Tray, Add an Extra $100 per tray

  • Turning Eggs Inside the Incubator
  • Incubating Eggs (Part 1)
  • Incubating Eggs (Part 2)
  • Incubating Eggs (Part 3)
  • Incubating Eggs (Part 4)